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Life Insurance. It’s Essential

In Times Like These, It’s Clear – Your Life Has Value. If you died today, what would take care of your family?

We See So Many Examples – There are circumstances that we can’t control that Can Threaten Your Life, Your Health and Your Future

When times are good, we have a tendency to expect that good to continue, but it’s absolutely critical to be prepared. In times of crisis or uncertainty, it’s vital to consider the best way to protect yourself and your loved ones.

The appropriate time to do that is now! If you become ill, it may negatively affect your ability to get the coverage you need.

Don’t wait and live to regret a delay that could prove costly.

You Need to Protect Your Loved Ones and the Value of Your Life – Most Haven’t!

If you are any type of adult, you probably should have life insurance. If you have a career, a spouse, children, or anyone who might be affected financially if you were to die, you absolutely NEED to protect yourself and your family – now! Yes, you need life insurance.

Let’s look at what kind and how much. You’re probably coming up short.

Simply put, life insurance is an insurance policy that will provide a death benefit if you die. There are many possibilities – it can be confusing, so let’s break it down:

Individual vs. Group Insurance

-Employer-sponsored life benefit (either free, part of a benefits package or provided via payroll deduction) 99% of the time Your employer-sponsored coverage is not enough!

Most insurance as a “benefit” will not provide adequate coverage and will probably disappear if you lose or change your job.

Individual (Private) Insurance (paid by you, a family member or a trust).

You are in control – you choose:
•The amount of coverage
• The length of time for your coverage –
• Term (Typically 10, 15, 20 or 30-years of coverage only)
• Permanent (Whole Life, Universal Life) that is structured to keep as long as you need it

You own the policy, it is not dependent upon your employer or the government

Medical (subject to underwriting) or Non-medical (easy approval)

There are many policies today that are simple to apply for and easy to get approved (just answer a few basic health questions). And these policies have never been more affordable. It’s a great option in many, but not all situations. As a general rule, easy-approval will offer a good value, but underwriting is often required for higher benefit amounts, getting the very best rates, or working with health challenges or other complications. We are her to help provide you with the best information and we’ll work with you to find the best solution.

Current Policies

If you’ve already looked into or, you already have Life Insurance, it could come in many forms

  • Term Insurance
  • Permanent (Whole Life, Universal Life)
  • Life with Living Benefits
  • Single Premium
  • Final Expense
  • “AS SEEN ON TV” or Mail Order insurance (mostly non-medical)

We can review what you currently have and offer an honest appraisal, at no charge. If you’re good-to-go, we’ll tell you so!

Don’t Get Confused by So Many Options – Talk to a licensed LifeTree Professional

We can help you choose the best options available, and best of all, it doesn’t cost you a cent!

Our goal is to provide a plan to suit your needs today, so you will sleep better at night.

As independent brokers, our mission is to provide unbiased recommendations, and our aim is to delight you with clear, honest answers and great service. Click HERE to arrange a phone consultation or Zoom session

  • Get you covered quickly
  • We can fit any budget
  • Find the right plan for your current situation
  • Provide affordable options for a wide range of health conditions

Step 3 – Choose from One of the Many Ways to Get Signed Up

In these unprecedented times, with a shutdown of businesses and strict social distancing requirements, you may be afraid about signing up for coverage. Here are some of the many ways to do a consultation or an enrollment

  • Phone Call – Discuss your needs and determine options. Easy callbacks
  • Text – We can send and exchange info direct to your cellphone
  • FaceTime, Zoom or Skype – a video conference call – (virtually) face-to face
  • Screen Sharing – Connecting directly to your computer or laptop (Zoom or eamViewer)
  • Email, fax or regular mail – most documents can be transmitted electronically or by US mail.
  • In-person appointments – sanitized, strict social distancing requirements will be followed

A Personal Reminder <Floating Quote Somewhere?>

GoFundMe is NOT a Strategy

I recently had a friend from high school pass away. His death was sudden and unexpected. Apparently, my friend did not have Life Insurance. His wife and daughter were left broke and all alone, without financial resources. A family friend made a desperate plea on social media and a fund raising campaign was established. To date, around $2000 was raised, not even enough for a decent burial or enough to cover monthly living expenses. PLEASE take a few minutes to do what it takes to get coverage – it could make a huge difference for your loved ones, and the cost is probably less than you think. If you can afford a cellphone and cable TV, you can afford life insurance. Do the right thing. Don’t delay. Don’t allow an unplanned moment to create a devastating ripple effect. The peace of mind, by the way, is priceless.
-Scott Harrell