Life Insurance

Including Cash Value Whole Life, Term Life, Universal Life and Final Expense Insurance – what’s the difference? See below.

Term insurance

Choose Term Insurance to protect your family at low cost for a period of 10-30 years. Get it now – costs increase each year you wait! Modern policies have appealing options such as simplified underwriting, electronic enrollment, living benefits and the ability to convert to permanent insurance (that never runs out). Term is a great way to get started if you’re on a budget, and is also a very cost- effective way to insure your mortgage and protect your family when your need is highest.

Permanent Life Insurance (with available living benefits)

Comes in a variety of forms, including traditional Whole Life, Universal Life, Variable Life and Final Expense. There are solutions for virtually every need. There are many ways of qualifying, a vast range of payment structures and budget options, benefit amounts, cash values, living benefits and additional options. For more details, check out our informational video, and then call us! (But, we saved “the Best” for last):

Cashflow Whole Life (Cash Value Whole Life) – Would You Like to Be Your Own Bank?

Change Your Financial Landscape – and Your Life

Besides providing a death benefit in case you die too soon, The Cashflow Whole Life concept provides a solution for paying off debt, reducing taxes and increasing retirement savings using a safe, predictable product that provides guarantees. We can show you how to be free from lenders in 10 years or less, including your mortgage, without spending any additional dollars.

  • Reduce the volume of interest you are paying to lenders.
  • Get out of debt in half the time as your current schedule.
  • Increase your cash-flow.
  • Decrease your taxes.
  • Save for college.
  • Retire with tax-favored income.
  • Create the Life of Your Dreams (not someone else’s!)
  • Control Your Life, Love Your Life

Whole Life Insurance Is an Asset, Not a Liability.

We strongly believe in the value of properly configured whole life insurance and the foundational role it plays in a solid financial plan. Contrary to claims that whole life insurance is too expensive and, (as often claimed) a “terrible investment,” it will actually allow you to unlock the door to bigger financial opportunities, using a tax- efficient savings and wealth accumulation tool favored by the wealthy, but available to all. Simply put, your dollar does multiple jobs, your cash goes to work for you, and you are in control of your money (and your destiny). After all, it’s your money.

The 1% Solution – The Hidden Tool of the Wealthy. Make It Your Prosperity Secret Weapon!

The vast majority of Life Insurance policies (perhaps as many as 99%) are not designed or configured as a wealth creation prosperity tool. But the top 1% of the wealthy in our society, as well as corporations, and even banks, understand the
amazing advantages of properly-configured cash value whole life. It is safe, with guarantees, and a history of over 150 years of secure wealth creation, with the backing of some of the strongest financial institutions in the world – a select group of Life Insurance Companies. (Yes, banks use this strategy to build fortresses of money).

What most people don’t understand is that this strategy is not merely the exclusive domain of the rich – it is available to ordinary citizens, people like you and me. And surprisingly, Cashflow Whole Life is appropriate for a wide range of ages and health conditions (but some restrictions apply), and you can build a solid foundation to utilize your whole life.

Too bad you didn’t know about this before, right? Well, yesterday is over, but we can help you get started today. It’s Your Life.

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