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There’s a 70% chance, once you turn 65, that you will need some form of long-term care. We need to setup a plan to protect against that. Let’s protect your family and your nest egg.

Cost of Care:

Main Types of Asset-Based Long-Term Care

Whole life insurance with LTC benefits (including lifetime care options)

Multiple funding options including: Single Premium; Reoccurring Premium: 5 Pay, 10 Pay, 20 Pay, Pay to 95 (annual pay) or rolling over Qualified Plan money

Single premium annuity with LTC benefits (including lifetime care options)

Funding options including: Single Premium; Qualified money or existing nonqualified annuities – 1035 exchange

Product Features/Benefits

60-65 & SOON TO RETIRE: Confused & Concerned About Your Medicare and Social Security Options?

Life With Living Benefits – the Next-best Thing

Life with Living Benefits are available for both Permanent and Term Life policies (as always, restrictions may apply). Living Benefits are a useful enhancement to your ordinary Life Insurance policy and can provide additional benefits such as paying a portion of the death benefit directly to you, should a qualifying event occur:

The cost that is only fractionally higher than a standard life insurance policy.

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