Medicare Insurance

Turning 65 Soon? Avoid Costly Medicare Mistakes with Your Medicare Insurance Needs!

Face it – Medicare can be confusing! Even worse, if you make a bad choice, it could have long-term negative financial consequences! As an INDEPENDENT BROKER, I work for YOU. As an AHIP-certified agent, I have the expertise to help you, your employees or your family member find the best solution for your situation (everybody’s different!) Best of all, this service is available at NO COST TO YOU!


You try to stay on top of information that effects your HEALTH and your FUTURE, don’t you?

But nowadays, it’s complicated – and finding the right answers can be very challenging.

Even if you have a plan in mind, you probably have questions, regarding timing your Retirement, and starting Medicare and Social Security.

The various options available are confusing… to say the least. And each person’s situation may be different.

Do you know the difference between Parts A, B, C & D?
Do you know the difference between Medicare; Medicare Advantage; & Medicare Supplements… or the deadlines to apply?

Do you know if your options are impacted because you have a spouse that works, military benefits, or other variables?

If you had ALL THE FACTS… so that you could make the wisest decisions, it would help, wouldn’t it?

Medicare Insurance & Social Security Integration

60-65 & SOON TO RETIRE: Confused & Concerned About Your Medicare and Social Security Options?

There are many options to take into consideration to plan YOUR best Health Care Future.

With a Customized Healthcare Strategy you can take into consideration ALL options & make the best decisions for YOU.

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