The New 1% (Secret Strategies of The Wealthy)

There Are Alternatives to What They Tell You: Secrets of the Wealthy

We are encouraged to follow a system of saving, investing, accumulation and tax deferral that has inherent flaws, keeping you from being in control of your money and in control of your cashflow. Putting money into a 401k, investing in the market or real estate to increase your net worth and paying off your mortgage are prime examples. Many of these strategies are based on outmoded assumptions, such as “defer taxes now and pay taxes on the accumulation later” assuming that you will have lower taxes in retirement, but is that really true? Do you think taxes will go up in the future or go down?

Pay Off Your House – Or Die Trying

Paying off your mortgage, as soon as possible, has been touted as the solution to financial freedom, but is it? While it may mean that you are out of debt, which is great, this can create a burden of obligation and additional stress that may outweigh the benefit. Also, the additional dollars you put into your house are not liquid and not easily available to you. A home equity loan is not a guaranteed solution, and it would also mean that you are paying bank fees to borrow your own equity. In addition, if you lose your job and get behind on your mortgage, will the bank care if you paid extra before things became difficult? No, you could still lose your home. Suppose you just took a plain-old 30-year mortgage and put additional money into other assets that offered higher gains, with greater flexibility and liquidity. You could end up paying off your mortgage sooner – and still have money left over. The opportunities abound.

401K – or is that a 201K?

Remember 2008. A 401k typically has no guarantees or protection against a market downturn, is loaded with fees, and is not structured to provide income when you need it. The average worker at a company big enough to have a 401k has been programmed to put money, passively, into your 401k (or similar) plan to save on taxes now, create money for retirement, and pay taxes later when you retire. While it may be a convenient way to force savings, there is much that you surrender in return – mainly “Control.”

Flip or Flop?

Investing in single family homes and flips has been glamourized on TV, but the average investor is seriously uninformed and very vulnerable to external risk factors. There are safer alternatives that will allow you to participate in Real Estate, There are many benefits and a variety of options including REITs, Multi-family, limited partnerships and managed properties that cover the headaches of ownership. We have access to multiple sources and opportunities.

Convert from Market Risk to a Non-Correlated Asset

The Stock Market and day trading are also seductive wealth magnets with potentially perilous consequences for the average investor.

For a qualified investor, we have access to investment opportunities that perform at consistently high rates and are not subject to market conditions. At all.

Life Settlements are a sound and ethical investment opportunity that helps individuals and families while providing generous income opportunities for our investors. Please inquire.

Tax-Saving, Wealth Producing Strategies

If you are a high-income earner, one of your biggest concerns is paying too much in taxes, year after year. We have access to investment opportunities, previously reserved for the 1%s, that perform two missions:

While that may sound too good to be true, it is no t – in fact, this may be a historically opportune time to get involved.

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